Sports in France are as essential to French society as cheese and white wine. Contribution is far above the ground, as is the significance; the French nation is tremendously overconfident of their athletes.

A small list of French Sports games which you can enjoy at our resort.


American people name it soccer, but all over the world it is identified as football, and if we want to say that football is popular maybe that would be the most obvious sentence of the year. Ruled by the France Football Union, France’s players sited third during the 2002 Mondial Cup, and received the Mondial Cup (being hosting country) in 1998. Sadly, besides the respect they gained during the mondial cup, they also started some contradictories a famous player who hit another Italian player in the chest while they were playing. The players have talked a little after the incident but nobody can say for sure what words exactly were spoken. We suppose not so nice ones.

Even today, the two players argue about what they have said to each other and some rumors say that the French player has addressed some rude words about the Italian’s sister.


As well like football, tennis is a popular sport within French people and every spring, the most excellent tennis players in the world are gathering on Riolan Garou to practice and test their ability. Actually, tennis is extremely played in France that it lines only next to football. The most recent French man who won the French game Opening was Noah Yanick in 1897, and the most recent French woman is Marie Slouter, who obtain the title in 1999.


It is true that France didn’t have a handball team until the late 1980 but, since then, they managed to accomplish more than a few victorious showings in numerous set games. These activities consist of gaining the silver cup during the 2002 Spring games, getting the championship of the 2003 Mondial Competition and winning the bronze medal. The game of handball is accepted in high schools and colleges in France, and handball is gaining a lot of popularity among French people.


Rugby is exceptionally trendy in France, and as a matter of fact, national rugby team is well thought-out one of the most powerful in Europe. Almost every year, France plays in the Eight Nations Competition, along with the strongest European teams, and they are very proud of it.