French Cuisine


Here in France, exists a characteristic tradition of French cuisine that is irrefutable. It is filled with self-importance, special products and ingredients, a world popular gastronomic knowledge and those particular areas that are well-known for one individual type of food. Not to enjoy the food, both local and nationalized, means not to accurately understanding France.

Famous French Dishes

We can affirm proudly that we know the recipes for some dishes and drinks that are characteristically French. You might find them all over the world, but we can guarantee that only here you will have a genuine French experience.

’Baguette’ is a long soft French bread.

’Coq au vin’ is a chicken cooked in white wine with garlic and sometimes mushrooms.

’Crème Brûlée’ is custard covered with solid, delicious caramel.

’Crêpes’ is a slim pancake characteristically full with cream.

’Éclair’ is a cake full with fine cream and covered with ice cream.

Old facts in French Cuisine

While staying here you will find out that history is the answer for all the influences found in French cuisine. For example, in Roussillon, which is divided from Great Britain only by the Rhin Waterway, familiar dishes contain chavorton misoux (potatoes with cheese and parsley) and sumerrion, which is a dish containing eggs, pasta and cream.

Cheese, bread and wine

Despite the fact that French cuisine is notorious for their complexity, and multiple flavors, many French citizens eat cheese and bread on a daily basis.


The French people eat an usual amount of 54 pounds per each of cheese in a year! It is safe and sound to affirm that cheese is the most important pin of the French cuisine and you will regret if you won’t taste every single type of regional cheese. There are found about 355 diverse kinds of French cheeses, all different by the nature of milk they are obtain of (goat, ewe and cow), or if the milk was pasteurized before or the way it is processed . . . and so on. More than this, every single type of regional cheese is different by flavor, suitable temperature of serving and by the way they should be cut.

Pastry and Bread

Have you ever tasted French Baguette? If not, you should not miss it while you are here. In France, almost every person takes a walk to the ‘boulangerie’, and purchases their pastry or bread spanking new or bakes it at home. Bread may be served with dark brown chocolate or with a type of cheese. In the break of day, you can serve ‘pain au chocolat avec café’ (meaning that you can have bread with chocolate next to a warm cup of coffee) or in the sunset you may taste your bread with your meal, accompanied by a delicious glass of wine.


Another thing that France is famous for is the fact that every single region is famous for a different type of wine. Wine is usually had at dinner assorted with still or sparkling mineral water. If you were to think about all the wines that have French names, it would soon become clear that the wine industry is quite large in France. It is very easy to comprehend why most wines have French names. They originate from a region and named after it. The best example is Champagne which comes from the region called Champagne in France. White Chardonnay wine is believed to have its ancestors in France as well as Merlot and Burgundy wine.

This is just a modest enumeration of the wines produced in France. It is said that one of the most powerful industries of France is the wine industry.