About Us


Family business for four generations

Established in 1899, our residence has been in relatives concern for four generations. In the beginning Tom and Marcella van Rerlen ran a ballet café on the land floor: a trendy set for juvenile public to meet and get pleasure from Chef Tom van Rerlen best pastries and cookies in town.

The suits on the higher floors were populated by different bankers, but as they left and suits became free they were bought by the family and transformed into hotel rooms. As a final point the 6th and 7th floors were built and the All French Services Hotel dream became reality.

In 1910 Tom and Marcella left the hotel into their sons Pierre and Michael hands to administrate the hotel with their spouses Anna and Roberta. After Pierre and Anna retired in 1960 Michael and Roberta entirely redesigned the whole resort. In 1998 Michael and Roberta’s son Patrick connected the relatives industry with his wife Paula and their 18-year old son Adam – the 4th generation.

After WW1 the fine-looking aged “Hotel du Fleurs” stood at the Bisousalley. Regrettably it was ruined for the duration of the war all along with the neighboring personal constructions which belongs to our hotel now.

All constructions were redesigned immediately after the disaster but the “Hotel du fleurs” was ruined and Hotel All French Services in due course had the same fate. From that time, our hotel has suffered many transformations.

WE GO environmentally friendly … THROUGH green Resources.

At Hotel All French Services we take ecological problems in a serious way. We transformed our warming system in a capsule energized boiler with the addition of a Collective Temperature and Energy unit (CTE). We possess the single resort in Coqueres provided with these heating systems. Our goal is to make available unrivalled client services using green systems.

We are using our 230 kW firewood capsule boiler and CTE since 1999. This has permitted us to diminish our power expenses at the same time as sinking our damaging footprint for Earth. The elevated effectiveness green-fuel supplied CTE transforms 89 % of the functional ‘combustible’ into power and our capsule boiler requests just a quarter of the fuel used in the past, but are 45% more efficient.

In conclusion: 55% cutback in power expenses and 25% cutback in power use.