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All French Services – Your home everywhere!

Located in the area of  Coqueres Mountain (1270), All French Services Residence is the just what the doctor ordered for an exquisite ski practice, and form part of the Bamboo Luxury Resort; a delicate group of superior small extravagance lifestyle motels, restaurants, some place where our total attention is on genuineness and familiarity of design, cuisine and utilities.

Opening in 1998 with the starting of Bamboo Luxury, in the Old Lake National Avenue, in the Great Britain, we thought about establishing something new and unique. We wish for our clients to feel like they are home wherever they stay, from the serene Old Lake Forest, to the out of this world mountain landscape of Coqueres Mountain.

Rebuilt, refurnished and completely redesigned, All French Services Resort is the perfect mountain run away. Attributed with a International 5 Star ranking, this family welcoming, in and out skiing available, hotel offers forty-nine splendidly cozy apartments all with the view either the peak of the mountain or the lake, as well as eighteen trendy completely equipped penthouses on the last three floors which contain fireplaces, balconies and spectacular sideviews over Coqueres Mountain and much more.

The All French Services Lodges are our six magnificent mountain lodges, hidden in the trees far aay from civilizaton of Coqueres Mountain and are exactly near the raceway; you might be in the heart of the beautiful nature but we still want to easy obtain everything you desire!

All French Services is a standard of high living hotel in Coqueres for those who crave for…

Living Good

Appealing fire places, comfortable furniture and flawless services, All French Services has a unique magic that will attract clients repeatedly. Its classy cherry tree wood gives a warm and friendly feel at the same time as remaining gracefully comfy.

Eating good

Winter sports are not only about climbing the mountains but also about being well fed…extended brunches and generous late afternoon feasts. The cuisine at All French Services is a mixture of standard and contemporary French food made of fresh in the neighborhood sourced products. The menu changes by the season and sometimes every day, so visitors can all the time taste something brand new. All French Services’ location means that clients can climb the mountain as soon as they get out of the hotel’s Rock & Stone veranda on to the sides of the Alpines and be right back in time for a fresh brunch in the sunlight. Rock and Stone is a enormous gathering place for sports men, with its full equipped bars and traditional ovens.

Feeling good

After a exhausting day on the mountain visitations can calm down, revitalize and refresh in the hotel’s spa rooms – delightful treatments and sauna will relax those sore muscles.

Sleeping good

If you come back after an exhausting day of skiing and climbing mountains there is nothing you can with more than a comfortable king sized bed with big soft pillows and arm blankets. Sometimes, after such a tiring day you do not feel like sleeping and you want to to something else. Reading a good book at the light of the fireplaces might be a good solution.


All French Services Hotel has been working for the last 25 years, but in 2005 it was rebuilt and redesigned, growing its dimension and adding some new rooms and services.



Watch your pet play in our dog playpen while you’re away!

At All French Services, we provide the topmost luxuries your pet could wish for! We also provide a live web feed showing our dog playpen! Whether you need to go for a meeting during your stay with us or you’re at our poolside sipping a mi-tie, you can always go on your phone to see your pet! Here at All French Services, our aim is to ensure that our clients are completely at ease with the live camera service – this allows you to fully relax in the knowledge that your beloved pet is in great hands!

All French Services operates a puppy playpen where dogs below 25lbs socialize. This is shown live 24/7 through the internet. During the day, all the small dogs go for periodic walks all through the day as well as have fun playing and socializing in the playpen. Larger dogs, however, are rotated within our solitary outside playpen.

pp-24blackAll French Services also provides grooming services. One of our team of expert groomers will cheerfully wash, cut, and style your beloved pet to your liking.

Please note that we will not accept a walk-in after 3pm. If you would prefer your pet to have a full haircut, please give us a call in the morning (first thing) to check if there are any spaces left for grooming appointments. We groom Monday to Sunday starting from 9am till we do the last pet for the day. Grooming includes bath, full fluff dry, nail cut, bandana/bow with a designer fragrance, and ear clean. Dog grooming starts at $40 for small breeds. Please give us a call for more pricing that is breed-specific.

Daycare is available Monday to Saturday all through regular business hours, and the pets have the whole of our dog playpen to play.

Addiction Treatment and Spa services: Rehab Centers in Florida

All French services have formed an alliance with rehab centers in Florida to provide spa services for alcohol and drug addiction treatment. We are of the belief that our partner rehab centers provide the most detailed and most valuable treatment plans.

Patients put in a lot of hard work to get the better of their addictions and avoid a relapse. They can make out time to heal and relax during one of the spa services being provided while they stay at these unique rehab centers. Other treatment centers concentrate on therapy, detox, and counselling—all crucial steps in overcoming addiction—however, there is more to life! Your body and soul are what they take care of at our partner rehab facilities. You will turn out marvelously excited during your treatment.

At our partner rehab facilities:

  • Therapists create a special treatment plan for each patient.
  • Clients get customized treatment and hands-on experience.
  • While other treatment centers provide one individual therapy session weekly, they continue to offer at least two individual therapy sessions weekly.

Advantages associated with the Spa Services that we provide for clients include:

  • A spa gives patients the freedom to feel at home amidst rigorous addiction treatment.
  • Spa services helps patients to relax, unwind, and get to know that life has more to offer than addiction treatment.
  • Patients are eager to continue addiction treatment once they feel wonderful.

Available Spa Services

Pamper yourself with the following spa services:

  • Full Body Massage (extra charges apply)
  • General relaxation services
  • Chiropractic care
  • Manicure
  • Hair salon (extra charges apply)
  • Bio Chair
  • Pedicure (extra charges apply)

Rehab centers in Florida is highly committed to cutting-edge, customized treatment of the highest quality. Armed with well-trained and experienced care professionals, they get to the innermost part of the patients’ addictions at their deepest mental and emotional levels. Their tested, award-winning programs guide the patients toward a healthy recovery as they defeat drug and alcohol addiction.

Aesthetic Spa Improvements: Home Window Tinting Perth

We have the required knowledge to give you recommendations as regards the correct window film to use due to the fact that we have installed window films on residential and commercial properties in Perth for a lot of years as part of our Home Window Tinting Perth services. We have the understanding that every film installation needs the best products to fit, we can provide a top quality window film, and a friendly and professional service. Build privacy and cut the Ultra Violet light and glare while the heat that penetrates the glass in your home reduces. Window film is certainly a long-lasting smart option.

tinned_glassA solar control glass film gives:

  • Heat rejection (Up to 81%)
  • Energy consumption is reduced
  • Ultra Violet (UV) light rejection (Over 99%)
  • Glare reduction
  • Strengthens and Insulates glass
  • Privacy
  • Stylish modern aesthetics
  • Fading of furnishings reduces dramatically
  • comfort level increases

Nowadays, window films give various advantages to homeowners. Thermal efficiency is added thus assisting to cut cooling and heating costs to make the home more comfortable. They also provide security leading to increased peace of mind and preventing anyone from breaking in.

Numerous window films multi-task, providing a lot of benefits aside from their primary use. Such benefits include glare reduction and fade protection.

Protect your home from fading…

  • Artwork
  • Hardwood & Carpets
  • Furniture
  • Drapes & Window Coverings

Reduce Glare in your home…

  • TV Screens
  • Increase your family’s general comfort
  • Computer Screens
  • Odd glare points in your home is reduced

Our Home Window Tinting Perth services offer various energy efficiency window films that will cater for themselves financially within three years with the savings on your energy bills. Aside cutting costs, they also offer a 99% UV block, preventing sun rays that lead to fading furnishings and interiors. This can assist your upholstery, furniture, flooring, and artwork to stay fresh-looking for a longer time.

All French Services: Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet

Also popularly called fallen arches or acquired flat foot disorder, the tragic and very hurtful deformity affects around 20-30% of people in the world. If you are going through pain in the arch, knees, lower back, midfoot, ankles or heel, it may be as a result of a collapsed arch. At All French Services we strive to assist in finding the required solution for individuals with issues like bunions, plantar fasciitis, and as well recommend the best walking shoes for flat feet. Therefore, if you have fallen arches don’t lose hope, because there are a lot of specialist orthotic footwear available to assist you in catering for your condition.

Our informative purchasing guide should aid you in the search for finding the best walking shoes for flat feet which can assist you in reducing your pain and discomfort. The cheapest, effective and simplest way to treat flat foot pain is by wearing the correct footwear. This is the most important step onwards for those with fallen arches. Check below for some characteristics that would make a perfect pair of shoes for flat feet according to experts:

New Shoes

flat_feet_shoesConstant usage of footwear leads to it getting old and out of shape meaning they start to slack in places which are needed to offer support. It’s time to purchase a new pair if your shoes don’t provide padding and comfort.

Stabilizing the Heel

It’s vital that much roll or play don’t take place in the heel whilst running or walking, therefore ensure your shoe’s heel area is firm, stiff and quite close to your heel edges. Look for the midpoint between too loose and too tight since both are bad.

Good Arch Support

The best walking shoes for flat feet are most definitely the shoes with good arch support as always. In the absence of this, your ligaments and tendons will continuously be strained leading to intolerable pain in the feet paving the way for fallen arches that will continually make a total connection with the foot bed.

Gifts Less Ordinary – Personalised Cufflinks

My customised cufflinks from Gifts Less Ordinary has been delivered, and I just adore them! I was a little doubtful about their quality due to the fact that the price was cheap. But the engravers situated in Melbourne got in touch with me once I had placed the order, and when they arrived I was more than impressed! I would surely recommend them as they are wonderfully made and very well engraved. I’m surely going to order another pair of personalised cufflinks as a beautiful Christmas gift for my brother and I am sure it will be specially made as well.

I bought the letter “Y” with a lot of names left to cover all the 26 letters of the alphabet, Name Initial cufflinks are difficult to find. Other people (women and men) check them out in admiration and I am certain they would like to know where the cufflinks came from, if they had asked I would have swiftly told them “Gifts Less Ordinary” and to find it under personalised gifts for me. It won’t surprise me if you can get them in gold as well.

These cufflinks look really impressive and expensive with a nice and smooth construction. I have worn them on two occasions. The letters are around 3/4 inches in length. The latch on them functions perfectly and smoothly. They are strongly recommended if you are searching for cufflinks such as these.

They are certainly what I desired and at that price, I couldn’t have asked for more. They are a wonderful quality, perfect weight, and are delivered ready for gifting in a small black velvet pouch. They were separately plastic-wrapped in the velvet bag as well, to prevent them from scuffing or scratching. These cuff links are a perfect size and that makes them look really lovely on. Personally, they are the best cufflinks in Australia. The delivery was quite fast too despite the fact that they were dispatched from Newcastle to Darwin.

Guide to Choosing the Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

cleaning-hardwoof-floors-with-best-vacuum-pet-hairWe offer the best luxuries your pet could ever wish for at All French Services. We also offer a live web feed revealing our dog playpen! To maintain your pets’ happiness we are required to keep a spotless environment free of dirt and pet hair, therefore we employ the services of the best vacuum for pet hair. Here is a guide on how to pick out one.

There are a lot of vacuum cleaners available on the market nowadays meaning it can be a little tricky picking one. You need to be extremely careful since the majority of the vacuum cleaners on the market are not built to deal with pet hair and therefore don’t do a good job at all.

You should make a vacuum cleaner choice for dog hair that is very effective and efficient. Possibly choose one that is specifically built to pick up pet hair. If that is remotely impossible, still choose one designed by a manufacturer known for high-quality machines with enough suction to clean a lot of debris and dirt off the floor rather than push it around meaning you won’t likely be able to visit your local department or discount store to get a good vacuum cleaner.

Most times, the most effective ones are presently sold by specialty stores, therefore, you have to visit them or preferably order for one online. Make that decision to choose the best vacuum for pet hair that has been in the market for a very long time so you rest assured that the company is able to produce a good design. In addition, try not to compromise on this item specifically due to the fact that you want to save some cash. If you go through the save money route, you could possibly regret that decision whenever you use the vacuum cleaner going forward.

Page Blanche (White Pages) Marketing & Advertising for a Small Spa

Majority of the spas depend on advertising and marketing to create a loyal customer base; due to the fact that many of their customers are local, therefore, your promotional activities should be crafted in such a way that they are effective for your community, and the use of white pages or page blanche is a great place to begin. As the owner of a small spa, you likely don’t have the required financial muscle for big, lavish marketing and advertising efforts, therefore, opt for a more affordable and manageable plan. In other words, make campaign choices that are more manageable and don’t need huge financial outlay.

Online Presence

PAGE BLANCHE - C1C4.inddConsumers begin their search for spa options online most times. Make sure you create a huge online presence such that your spa appears on search engines. Contract a professional to create a simple website that has your location, list of services and prices as well as your contact information; ask the designer to optimize it for search engines with the use of a phrase such as “spa services” in addition to your town name. Register for Google Places for your business to be on map-based searches. Promote your online visibility by making digital advertisements in places like local travel websites, social media sites and beauty blogs, where customers often visit.

Social Media

Create business profiles on social media portals such as Twitter and Facebook to contact your online customers. Add spa treatment room photos, contact information, and detailed location. Ensure you regularly update customers about new services and special deals via your profiles.

Media Relationships

Local media and page blanche can be priceless advertising and marketing assets to assist your business, which could possibly be affected by its level of awareness and recognition in the community. Grow strong bonds with writers and reporters to further improve your chances of featuring in news and human interest stories. Suggest story angles as regards your spa to make their work easier: a one-of-a-kind facility, a unique service offering or specially-licensed therapists.

Restaurant settings: Recreating the paleo diät erfahrung

As your palate adjusts to the fresh, bright flavors of Paleo foods, a lot of the same foods savored by the ancient men, you may have come to the realization that restaurant food won’t quite offer you the paleo diät erfahrung or paleo diet experience. With some of the following tips, you will be able to re-craft some of that experience in your home so that home-cooked meals can please your eyes and imagination, in addition to your tummy:

  • Go for garnish: You should be able to make an awesome restaurant-quality presentation with your food in your home. In a matter of seconds, you can change a boring plate of food into a feast for the viewing pleasure of the eyes. Make a beautiful arrangement of the elements for a salad on a plate before you serenade them with dressing instead of throwing all your salad ingredients in a huge serving bowl. Edible garnishes such as wedges of citrus, just a few roasted nuts or freshly chopped herbs, make the plate look pretty and taste great as well.
  • Set the table: Collect some inexpensive bowls and plates that excite you. A pretty sushi plate or package of chopsticks can propel eating Asian food at home to be as engaging as in a restaurant.
  • Keep the drinks flowing: Reserve a container of water on the table so you can reload your glass, similar to what a waiter would do. And make it unique by putting a slice of lemon or lime on the rim — or add a few cucumber slices or mint leaf to the water for a fresh and undiluted zing.
  • Eat in courses: At a restaurant, you would possibly delay over an appetizer and transfer to a salad before opting for your entree. Why don’t you re-craft that paleo diät erfahrung at home? Physically, a five-minute break between courses gives your brain as well as your digestive system the time it needs to get in sync. Mentally, the gap between courses prompts you to slow down, enjoy your food, and thereafter relax.

Spa and Massage Services: Gynexol Reviews

One of the major features of this product is the fact that it’s a topical cream that may not enthuse much confidence at the initial glance. But after going through our Gynexol Reviews, you’ll see that this solution varies in its formulation thus allowing it to provide results not obtainable with every other ordinary gynecomastia cream.

How does it Work?

Suitably named Chest Sculpting Cream, Gynexol works in a way that it targets fat deposits around the chest area, which ultimately removes man breasts completely. The formula is absorbed via the skin then reacts with the fats, which leads to a shrink in fat cells. With continuous use, the chest goes back to its previously flat appearance.

Gynexol Ingredients

Customer awareness about what a product is made of promotes their knowledge about the potency of a product. Gynexol is a natural based gyno cream made with the help of herbs as well as other plant-based ingredients.


This substance, which was found in the 1930’s, has a positive effect on the skin through direct application. Its advantages include the reduction of scars, wrinkles, lines and blemishes. It transfers its firming attributes to the Gynexol formula meaning the skin remains tight after the loss of the extra fat on the breasts.

Aloe Vera Juice

This ingredient is popular for its numerous benefits including effective fat burning. This product burns the fat located in the pectoral muscle area in addition to ensuring that the muscles mass is untouched.

Gingko Biloba

This herb is seemingly recognized as the most multipurpose herb employed for use in Chinese Medicine, and it is one of the major ingredients that make Gynexol a confirmed gynecomastia solution. The working components of this product lead to the production of collagen thereby making the skin tight while deferring the aging effects (wrinkling and sagging).


This ingredient is basically responsible for ensuring that the other ingredients are held together in a bid to promote flawless results while also making a stable formula. After reading our Gynexol Reviews, it’s high time that you gave Gynexol a try!