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All French Services – Your home everywhere!

Located in the area of  Coqueres Mountain (1270), All French Services Residence is the just what the doctor ordered for an exquisite ski practice, and form part of the Bamboo Luxury Resort; a delicate group of superior small extravagance lifestyle motels, restaurants, some place where our total attention is on genuineness and familiarity of design, cuisine and utilities.

Opening in 1998 with the starting of Bamboo Luxury, in the Old Lake National Avenue, in the Great Britain, we thought about establishing something new and unique. We wish for our clients to feel like they are home wherever they stay, from the serene Old Lake Forest, to the out of this world mountain landscape of Coqueres Mountain.

Rebuilt, refurnished and completely redesigned, All French Services Resort is the perfect mountain run away. Attributed with a International 5 Star ranking, this family welcoming, in and out skiing available, hotel offers forty-nine splendidly cozy apartments all with the view either the peak of the mountain or the lake, as well as eighteen trendy completely equipped penthouses on the last three floors which contain fireplaces, balconies and spectacular sideviews over Coqueres Mountain and much more.

The All French Services Lodges are our six magnificent mountain lodges, hidden in the trees far aay from civilizaton of Coqueres Mountain and are exactly near the raceway; you might be in the heart of the beautiful nature but we still want to easy obtain everything you desire!

All French Services is a standard of high living hotel in Coqueres for those who crave for…

Living Good

Appealing fire places, comfortable furniture and flawless services, All French Services has a unique magic that will attract clients repeatedly. Its classy cherry tree wood gives a warm and friendly feel at the same time as remaining gracefully comfy.

Eating good

Winter sports are not only about climbing the mountains but also about being well fed…extended brunches and generous late afternoon feasts. The cuisine at All French Services is a mixture of standard and contemporary French food made of fresh in the neighborhood sourced products. The menu changes by the season and sometimes every day, so visitors can all the time taste something brand new. All French Services’ location means that clients can climb the mountain as soon as they get out of the hotel’s Rock & Stone veranda on to the sides of the Alpines and be right back in time for a fresh brunch in the sunlight. Rock and Stone is a enormous gathering place for sports men, with its full equipped bars and traditional ovens.

Feeling good

After a exhausting day on the mountain visitations can calm down, revitalize and refresh in the hotel’s spa rooms – delightful treatments and sauna will relax those sore muscles.

Sleeping good

If you come back after an exhausting day of skiing and climbing mountains there is nothing you can with more than a comfortable king sized bed with big soft pillows and arm blankets. Sometimes, after such a tiring day you do not feel like sleeping and you want to to something else. Reading a good book at the light of the fireplaces might be a good solution.


All French Services Hotel has been working for the last 25 years, but in 2005 it was rebuilt and redesigned, growing its dimension and adding some new rooms and services.



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